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Premna Bonsai Class, great for beginners

Fee $65 Includes tree 10"pot pre bonsai tree Instructor Mike Lane. Style and Repot your Premna Bonsai. Recommended for beginners.  Easy to grow tree. Native tree to Indonesia.  Small leaves.  Develops into a bonsai fast. Soil and pot are "not" included in the class fee.  Class for all skill levels.  

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Tamarind Workshop

Fee : ($150) Purchase a Tamarind 10"pot $150 and the class is free Instructor : Mike Lane These are mature Tamarind tree. They fruit and flower. Beautiful trunk and foliage. Style a Tamarind Tree.  Repot the tree next spring, not in class. Please sign up for classes.  Space is limited. 239-543-2234 email : wigertsbonsai@embarqmail.com  

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