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Shohin Bonsai by Mike Lane

SHOHIN BONSAI KEYPOINTS What are Shohin bonsai- Shohin bonsai are typically under 10 inches from the soil to the top of the tree. Mame bonsai, a sub-category [...]

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Brazilian Raintree

I was always drawn to this species since I first noticed the delicate compound leaves and interesting growth pattern it exhibits. The Brazilian Rain Tree is native to South America,more specifically Brazil. It is a tree that can grow to over 15 feet tall, and spread over 18 feet in diameter. It has crooked stems and branches, thorns, and a peeling grayish bark. It has compound leaves with 3 pairs of bipinnate leaves. It has white flowers and corkscrew shaped seed pods.

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Wigert’s Bonsai Basics

Keep your bonsai in a well lighted area they grow best in a location which receives morning sun and afternoon shade. The morning sun is not as hot and dehydrating as the afternoon sun. Bonsai are not houseplants so they should be kept outdoors. A screen porch is ideal there they can receive filtered light. You need to protect them from strong winds and temperature extremes.

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