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Father and Son Style Bonsai

Wigerts Mango Grove & Nursery * Erik Wigert Double trunk style - Sokan from a Twin tree - Soju *Father / Son planting Overview: Double trunk style [...]

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Cascade Style Bonsai – Kengai

A Cascade bonsai is one in which the trunk begins growing upwards but abruptly turns downward and cascades to a point below the bottom of the container. [...]

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Haematoxylum Campechianum

*The generic name Haematoxylum (often spelled Haematoxylon) means bloodwood, referring to the dark red heartwood. The specific epithet campechianum refers to the coastal city of Campeche on [...]

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Australian Pine

Casuarina equisetifolia, Casuarina glauca (syn. Casuarina lepidophloia): Common names: ironwood, beefwood, she oak, and horsetail tree. General information: Long-favored for use in erosion control along beaches, Australian-Pine [...]

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